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Alanna Mitchell is an award-winning Canadian journalist and author who writes about science and social trends, specializing in investigative reporting. She is an acclaimed public speaker who has delighted audiences on five continents by bringing science to life. Her most recent full-length book, Sea Sick: The Global Ocean in Crisis, is an international best-seller that won the prestigious U.S.-based Grantham Prize for excellence in environmental journalism. Her ebook Invisible Plastic: What happens when your garbage ends up in the ocean came out in February 2013, published by The Toronto Star.

Invisible Plastic: What Happens When Your Garbage Ends Up in the Ocean

Plastic is ubiquitous in our modern lives – a $17.6 billion industry in Canada alone that makes everything from shopping bags to packaging to clothing. It’s made our lives much more convenient and until recently we haven’t thought much about the fact that we throw a lot of it away after just one use, let alone what happens to the plastic that finds its way into the world’s oceans.

In Invisible Plastic, award-winning science writer Alanna Mitchell sets out on a quest to find out just what happens to plastic on the high seas. Her story is riveting, and essential reading for every concerned Canadian.

To get the full story, simply go to stardispatches.com and subscribe for $1/week. “Invisible Plastic” is also available for single-copy purchase at starstore.ca or iTunes.ca/StarDispatches for $2.99.

praise for
mitchell's books

"It is often said that our oceans are less understood than the surface of the moon. Alanna Mitchell's informative and deeply moving book gives a wonderful portrait of a global marine ecosystem that desperately needs both greater popular understanding and international protection against looming catastrophe." ----Mark Lynas, Environmentalist and author of 'Six Degrees'

"Sea Sick is an adventure tale with scientists as the heroes. With wit, style and a powerful sense of history it takes us on a wonderful fact-finding tour beneath the surface of Earth's largest habitat. It could help change the way we think about our relationship with the seas." ----Roger Harrabin, BBC Focus Magazine

"Sea Sick is the most comprehensive book to date on the state of our oceans. With a writer's eye for detail and a reporter's expertise in pulling in disparate information, Mitchell has woven a powerful and deeply unsettling story about our collective abuse of the cradle of all life. Fortunately, she also gives us hope and a path forward if we have the wisdom to act." ----Maude Barlow

"...a gifted writer with an independent mind..."
----Kenyan paleontologist and author Richard Leakey

".[Alanna Mitchell] writes intelligently and passionately. You need to read it too."
----The Globe & Mail

"Humanity is visiting a desolation upon the world. We already bear primary responsibility for the extermination of more than 100,000 fellow species/fellow travelers. During the next few decades, that colossal massacre may well be doubled or trebled. Death is running amok on the earth, but especially in the sea. If you would know how and why, read Sea Sick . . . although it may make you heartsick." ----Farley Mowat

"...lively, impassioned ..." ---- Audubon Magazine

"Well written and inspiring..." ---- Booklist

"...a gripping read..." ---- The Melbourne Age

"A riveting book of revelations ..." ----Australian biologist and author Tim Flannery

"Captivating...easily approachable and digestible while being seriously thought-provoking." ----British author, memoirist and founding member of the rock band Genesis, Chris Stewart
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